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The Port Franks Beach Homeowners' Association Inc. will manage the beach to accommodate the residents of Port Franks (as defined in our Deed), while respecting traditional customs and heritage.
VISION: The Port Franks beach is a pristine, non-commercial, clean, safe, family beach, enjoyed by the residents of Port Franks.
  • To oversee the use of the Port Franks beach for the benefit of the population of Port Franks.
  • To enable the Port Franks residents to continue to enjoy the beach while the environmental, health and safety issues that result from its use, are minimized.
HISTORY: The Port Franks Beach was purchased in 1977 by the Port Franks Beach Homeowners' Association Inc., a non-profit organization formed by local homeowners to protect the beach from commercial development. The deed was duly registered at the land registry office in Sarnia #422917 on October 17,1977. The terms of the deed specify: ..."shall not restrict any owner or occupier of lands from having the use of the beach or walking access over said lands."

The Hollo study commissioned by the township of Bosanquet in 1987, concluded "Realistically, the beach at the mouth of Mud Creek cannot accommodate larger numbers of visitors. Moreover, the land area cannot accommodate the number of visitors a regional beach would require."
7388 Dolway Drive
Port Franks, Ontario
N0M 2L0

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Some advice from Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority....

"If you are in waist deep water and you can’t see your feet, don't swim in it"
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